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ILM Software works as a complete suite for educators and learners to explore, plan, interact and learn


Take a look inside the box

Integrated Learning Modules, LLC (ILM), introduces ILM Software, a subscription-based multilingual virtual educational software which brings multiple teaching, learning, simulation, video conferencing, and other modules under one platform.

ILM Features

What is ILM?

Start teaching online in just 3 simple steps


Create your classroom

First, create your own customized classroom

DashboardLibraryExamHomework  Classroom Lesson AnnouncementClassroomCalendarDashboard Create ClassroomAdd Student CreateClassroom NameStart DateEnd Date


Create your lesson

Select from over 21,000+ pre-loaded resources (or however many lessons) or upload your own

LibraryExamHomework  Classroom Lesson AnnouncementClassroomCalendarDashboard Create lesson Add Study MaterialStudy MaterialVideosSimulationsQuestionsCreate lessonLesson Name


You are good to go. Start teaching!

Synchronized class, assign quizzes, interact with students, choose from hundreds of lessons in 100+ languages

LibraryExamHomework  Classroom Lesson AnnouncementClassroomCalendarDashboard Select Classroom Live classSubject: MathClass: VthLive classSubject: ScienceClass: VIthLive classSubject: ScienceClass: VIIthLive classSubject: MathClass: Xth20 + 5 = 2550 - 10 = 40

We provide multiple ways to teach

High-quality videos

We use proprietary software to reduce video lag, allowing you to share videos in real-time to anyone, anywhere!

DashboardLibraryExamHomework  Classroom Lesson AnnouncementClassroomCalendarDashboard